2020 has been a year of great uncertainty across the world. With the rampant presence of COVID-19, especially in the United States, it has been a challenging time for everyone. This is especially true for individuals that still need proper medical care during the pandemic. Whether the individual has been showing signs of COVID illness, or they are needing to maintain their routine medical care, the physical options of a traditional brick & mortar hospital are dwindling.

DocReady aims to change this stigma and provide comprehensive and affordable telehealth visits with licensed physicians. The service platform connects patients with board-certified doctors upon completion of registration and a pre-appointment questionnaire.

DocReady was founded in part by Ali Chaudhary, MD, an alum from Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) who was featured in an article from the university. That article can be read in its entirety here. The article discusses the contributions of Dr. Chaudhary and other RUSM alums, and how telehealth can be a viable option for those in need. Read on to learn more about how DocReady can provide affordable telehealth options during this time of crisis.

Words From Dr. Chaudhary

In a recent interview with his alma mater Ross University School of Medicine, Dr. Chaudhary stated that DocReady “wants to provide physician consultations at a great value.” Each virtual visit costs $20 during the month of July, which will then revert back to the original pricing of $49-$55 per visit in the month of August. This price point is still lower than many insurance company co-pays. “Americans are going through a traumatic event and are continually seeking alternative methods in receiving the same great healthcare. This fills in the gap of providing quality, affordable care with a convenient in-home visit that saves time and prevents people from exposure.”

DocReady does this by having an arsenal of 15 board-certified physicians who have treated over 100 patients in the past few weeks alone, earning them several accolades already. Patients schedule 15-minute intervals of consultations for urgent, primary, and chronic care needs. While they service emergency, internal, and family medicine routes, DocReady is hoping to add a women’s health option soon.

Contributions of Dr. Chaudhary

Dr. Chaudary serves as a clinical emergency room physician at two separate medical facilities in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Aside from just DocReady, he has co-founded a physician staffing company known as Locums United. This company has experienced a market slow down due to the presence of COVID-19, which allows him to focus on DocReady (his newest project). After noticing a severe decline in ER visits due to the stop-the-spread healthcare pitches and the alarming rate of individuals staying home for non-emergency visits, DocReady was born.

Dr. Chaudhary noted that “people are afraid to go to public spaces and hospitals, the lion’s den for potential COVID-19 exposure. Emergency visits are down significantly but those not coming in for emergent conditions can end up with unintended consequences. This includes increased morbidity and overall harm from what is truly urgent in their medical needs.”

With the onset of COVID-19, many states underwent an easement or lift of licensing restrictions, allowing the DocReady team to treat patients in most of the states. As of now, most physicians reside in the Northeast and Texas, though that is looking to change and broaden as the company grows.

Healthcare Centered on Patients

Dr. Ali Chaudhary realized four years ago that clinical medicine alone wasn’t quenching his thirst to help. It was at that time when he began Locums United. “A lot of decisions by healthcare executives are not always in the best interest of staff and patients, because they often look almost exclusively at financial numbers. I didn’t want to be at the mercy of outdated and irrelevant metrics and patient satisfaction scores. I wanted to develop a business that met the needs of the changing landscape of healthcare and offered an alternative career path for physicians through contract work.”

Dr. Chaudhary encourages fellow healthcare professionals to step away from traditional ways of practice and become leaders in their own healthcare practices. His team even constructed a blog to help others gain motivation. “Healthcare is broken in many areas. We need to encourage and support physician entrepreneurship to innovate and offer creative solutions.”

Although he mostly grew up in Southern California, Dr. Chaudhary spent a few years in Pakistan during his pre-teen years, and he noted that those few years helped shape him and his perspective on dealing with contrasting conditions. This experience followed him to Ross University School of Medicine, which helped him gain a competitive advantage over fellow U.S. candidates when landing a competitive emergency-medicine residency. “The different environments helped me build character and made me appreciative of what I have. It grounded and balanced me. Ross University helped me build a ‘hustle’ mentality — to work harder and smarter and to utilize time more efficiently.”

As one of many graduates in the medical field in his family, Dr. Chaudhary enjoys spending time with loved ones, playing sports, and traveling. Although a discussion of the expansion of DocReady has been discussed, Dr. Chaudhary took the time to reflect. “I work 12 hours a day outside of clinical but it doesn’t feel like work because I feel exhilarated in what I’m doing. My dad always taught me to be resourceful and to help others. I want to help those who are at a disadvantage financially and eventually provide medical services internationally. I want every person to have access to high-quality healthcare at a low cost. It’s the least I can do to make a difference during this tough time.”

Professional Help Right at Your Fingertips

If you have been in fear of COVID-19, or are simply looking for an easier way to receive your medical treatments, consider utilizing DocReady. DocReady provides telehealth services in a multitude of fields, and everything is on your schedule. If you are interested in signing up for DocReady programs, or you are interested in learning more about the company and team, don’t hesitate to contact DocReady today for more information!