Now that a year has passed and the pandemic is finally in the downtrend there are still things that we can do to prevent further spread and avoid another peak like Europe is currently preparing for.

The US was behind the ball with prevention of the spread of the disease due to multiple factors but we are ahead of the curve in comparison to the rest of the world with the vaccinations.

Currently, we are vaccinating approximately 2 million+ persons per day and over 110 million have received one shot while approx 39 million have received both shots. The layout of the current vaccination program is aimed towards elders or those that are most extremely vulnerable- persons with risk factors including obesity, DM, immune-suppressing diseases.

Currently, states have their own individual layout but the goal is to prevent spread into these vulnerable groups which therefore in turn will decrease the stress on the limited resources of hospital systems.

The COVID-19 Vaccines are very safe and though there have been some allergic reactions to the vaccine, unlike the disease, there have not been any documented deaths. To put into perspective the Spanish Flu killed approx 675,000 Americans and COVID-19 currently has more than 535,000 deaths.

The disease should not be taken lightly and as a physician, we at DocReady recommend that every individual who can obtain a vaccine should quickly look into their state’s requirements and obtain one. The science behind the [Moderna and pfizer] vaccine is simply brilliant. There are no preservatives in it, it contains mRNA that codes for coronavirus spike, saline, Lipid bilayer (membrane), and sugar.

The mRNA basically enters the cell (it cannot enter the nucleus and cannot integrate into our DNA) and uses our own resources to make the spike protein (the spikes seen on the coronavirus schematics). The immune system then sees these spike proteins and attacks them thus mounting the immune response.  

The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is designed according to traditional vaccines and though it's not as effective as the other two vaccines it will prevent hospitalization essentially 100% of the time and therefore we recommend it also.

Vaccine Forms for FL and CA:

States such as Florida and California are currently vaccinating patients that meet certain criteria.

In addition, in Florida, a physician can also fill out a form that can authorize persons who are extremely vulnerable to obtain the vaccine earlier.

California has similar vaccine requirements.

In California however, there is no official form but instead a few ways to get the vaccine, you can present a form of verification from the healthcare provider of your conditions which display that you are predisposed to a higher risk category or an official government document from a public health program serving people with high-risk disabilities. 

In addition to the information above, there are also lists in each state for no waste. This means that at the end of each day if there are extra vaccines leftover and no persons that meet qualifications available then the healthcare personnel will go down a list of persons who have been put on a waitlist until all the vaccines are accounted for, preventing waste.

If you are uncertain whether you qualify for an early vaccine, contact DocReady. Our doctors will take a detailed history and determine whether you qualify. If you meet the requirements for early vaccination, we will complete the state forms and email them to you.

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In the end, if you are unsure of what to do and feel that you need to go to your local emergency department then do not hesitate to; we would gladly care for you via a telemedicine visit here at DocReady.

Dr. Mohammad Anwar practices the simple philosophy of Mind-Body-Soul, an equilateral triangle that is in a constant struggle to maintain balance. He is grateful to practice medicine and feels it an honor to heal other humans.

Dr. Anwar is passionate about espresso beans and all varieties of espresso drinks, which he enjoys making for friends and family. He enjoys traveling and makes it a point to explore cafes all around the world.

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