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Let's Compare Traditional Insurance & In-Person Doctor Visits With DocReady

Here's why companies are adding DocReady coverage for their employees:

High Co-Pays

With traditional insurance, every doctor visit comes with a $20-$30 average co-pay.

$0 Co-Pay

With DocReady, your employees will never pay a Co-Pay for telemedicine appointments.

Costly Premiums

Monthly premiums average $450/mo with traditional insurance plans.

Only $10/mo

With DocReady, you can offer employees unlimited care for only $10/mo per employee.
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Wait Days or Weeks

The average wait time for getting a traditional in-office doctor appointment is 24 days.

Same-Day Appointments

With DocReady, employees can be seen quickly with same-day appointments available in most cases.

Inconvenient Visits

Appointments require driving, sitting in a waiting room with sick patients, waiting for the doctor, and spending an average of 2-3 hours total.

Quick, Same-Day Appointments

With DocReady, employees can be seen quickly with same-day appointments available. In most cases, they'll spend 15-20 minutes total.

Here's How Much You'll Save

Offering traditional insurance to employees is a huge expense. Offering DocReady is ultra-affordable. Drag the slider to match your current number of employees and we'll tell you how much you'll save on average.
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But What Do Employees Think?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions we get about our Corporate Care plan.
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Yes! DocReady is perfect for small businesses, especially those that can't yet afford full health insurance programs. With DocReady you can still offer virtual medical coverage for employees at an unbeatable price.

DocReady is designed to be ultra-affordable, with no hidden fees or complicated pricing. To discuss specifics, contact our Docready Corporate Care team and we will discuss customized plans for you.

Yes, DocReady is 100% virtual. No office visits, no sitting in waiting rooms with sick people, no driving in traffic, no waiting endlessly to see the doctor ... you pick a time and attend your appointment via phone, text, or Zoom. If you need medication we'll call it in to your pharmacy. Appointments takes 10-15 minutes from the comfort of your home or office for unbeatable convenience.

DocReady health plan provides everyday care and urgent care access only. If employees need surgery or a procedure, they will need to go through their insurance plan.

Absolutely! Mental health services are not included in our monthly health plan, but we do offer mental health appointments with licensed psychiatrists. We have a separate rate for mental health services, so contact us if you are interested in learning more.

DocReady is not a replacement for health insurance. It's a wonderful supplement to health insurance because it provides affordable, convenient care without co-pays for many common illnesses and medical needs. It's an especially good option for small businesses who can't afford full health insurance programs, but still want to offer employee medical benefits.