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Average Copay Comparisons

  • Urgent Care Copay Average $75 – 100 per visit
  • Emergency Room Copay Average $200-300 per visit
  • DocReady $39 Flat Fee

Average Wait Time

  • Emergency Room 38+ Minutes
  • Urgent Care Room 25+ Minutes
  • 2-3 Weeks to Book Appt. with Primary Care Practice
  • As little as 5 Minutes to See DocReady Physicians

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The doctor was timely, was able to see the issue over webcam, and prescribed the antibiotics I needed.


Alan L

“Dr. Naeem was great, very efficient, and thorough.”


Lori B.

“Great experience.”


Mikaela W.

“The visit was quick, easy, and affordable. Dr. Anwar was extremely helpful and took all the time needed to address the health issue. Cost me less than the copay for a virtual visit under my insurance plan”


Ericka C.

“My experience was very fast, efficient, and professional. I will definitely use DocReady again.”


Elanda R.

“Dr. Chaudhary was professional and pleasant. I got the antibiotics I needed, and my visit was quick and easy. I would recommend DocReady to anyone needing care.”


Rachel G.

“Dr. Ali was easy to talk to.”


Kelly N.


“First virtual appointment. The doctor was on time, and very helpful and not rushed. Would do again when the need arises.”


Mike W.


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Our goal is simple: To give the best healthcare possible while being affordable and convenient.

DocReady’s care standards ensure that you get the best care, from board-certified doctors, without the hassle, headache, and flaws of the current healthcare system.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What is DocReady?

DocReady is a convenient, cost-efficient, virtual healthcare service for common conditions, available through internet-enabled computers or mobile devices.

When are doctors available on DocReady?

Our doctors are ready to see you seven days a week, 24 hours a day. When you log on, you’ll be able to select your preferred time slot and available doctors. If our doctors are currently seeing other DocReady patients or you do not see availability that works for you, submit a request to be seen ASAP and you will receive a text or email confirming your scheduled appointment.

Can I receive a prescription from a DocReady doctor?

Yes. Our doctors will prescribe medication if applicable for your individual diagnosis. DocReady has a no controlled substance policy. If a controlled substance is appropriate for your condition, you will be directed to seek in-person care.

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