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Get Your COVID-19 Doctor's Note for Work in Minutes

Due to CDC protocols, many employers require a note from a doctor to return to work after COVID-19 exposure or infection, or to get time off from work due to exposure or infection. Through DocReady, you can get a doctor's note for work in minutes online without leaving the comfort of your home. It's hands down the easiest way to get a doctor's note for work.
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I'll be using DocReady again in the future!
Dr. Chaudhary was very nice and professional. Our appointment started early and was concise, he gave follow up information regarding my son's issue and his medication was ordered promptly. Overall a very good experience and I will use DocReady in the future.
Angela B.
DocReady Customer
So much faster & cheaper than a regular doctor visit!
I received my text one minute earlier than the anticipated appointment time. The doctor was very quick and responsive to my questions. This was so much faster, and cheaper than sitting at a doctors office waiting to be seen and treated.
Jerome R.
DocReady Customer
An excellent experience!
This was an excellent experience. My doctor was on time for the appt. He was very professional. I was able to get my refill quickly. Plus, it was cheaper than going to my personal doctor and using my insurance. I’m highly satisfied.
Ashley M.
DocReady Customer
Will definitely use DocReady again!
The appointment was easy to make, the doctor was very knowledgeable and thorough and explained every step of the process. We will definitely use this service again!
Adam E.
DocReady Customer
Will skip my family doc unless absolutely necessary!
Our doc was fast efficient and awesome. Answered all of my questions. I will skip going to the family doc from now on unless absolutely necessary.
Joe R.
DocReady Customer
Exceptionally professional!
Very helpful and informative. I greatly appreciated the Doctor's nonjudgemental tone and actions, he was exceptionally professional.
Katelynn B.
DocReady Customer
Best doctor I think I've ever had!
The best service and doctor I think I have ever had! They were quick, friendly and very helpful. The doctor was the best!
Amanda S.
DocReady Customer
Will be using DocReady for all my medical needs!
Very friendly, professional, and kind. Received my medicine in a timely fashion, which was very fast. No delays. Will definitely be using them for all my medical needs. Thanks so much for caring and your availability.
Maria W.
DocReady Customer
This is how seeing a doctor should be!
Really easy and simple to use. Quick, but thorough diagnosis. This is how the doctor and patient interaction should be without the driving and sitting in the doctors office with other patients with ailments. Shout out to Dr. Chaudhary!
Dennis G.
DocReady Customer
Blown away!
Retired recently. No insurance. Took a chance with this company and I am blown away at how they can help instantly day or night. Absolutely no reason for me to pay for insurance. Had nothing but excellent service - quick response and least cost than anywhere else.
Terry L.
DocReady Customer
Great experience with Dr. Morgan!
I had a great experience with Dr. Morgan and his staff, he explained the process in detail and recommended a great plan for me. I’d recommend his services as well as his team to all of my friends and family.
Tameeka T.
DocReady Customer
Scheduled & seen in an hour!
Had a great experience. Customer service was quick to reply to all my questions. I was able to schedule and complete a TeleHealth with in an hour. I had a text visit, and was able to get a medication all from my home, very convenient. The doctor really seemed to care.
Ashley B.
DocReady Customer
Prompt & engaging!
Dr Morgan was exceptional. He was prompt and engaging. He listened to my concerns and took appropriate action right away. He was a pleasure to work with. Thank you Dr. Morgan!
Eric L.
DocReady Customer

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