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Frequently Asked Qustions

Have questions about DocReady or online care and telemedicine? Here are the most frequently asked questions.
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Telepsychiatry is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of these conditions carried out over the Internet. Participants connect using video conferencing with a board-certified psychiatrist from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Telepsychiatry can offer several advantages over traditional in-person office visits, from flexibility in scheduling and location to convenience, and cost savings.

We provide psychiatric care separate from insurance coverage. An advantage of telepsychiatry is that it can be less expensive than visiting a psychiatrist’s office in person.

DocReady’s mission is to keep our pricing lower than traditional office visits to ensure more patients have access to the medical care they need, both physical and mental. You do not need insurance to seek care through the DocReady platform.

Yes, you'll be able to get any needed medication through your preferred local pharmacy.

Note: Our doctors are unable to write prescriptions for controlled substances such as benzodiazepines and stimulants. Please see a doctor in person if you require medication classified as a controlled substance.